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About Us


PT. LISSOM INDONESIA is subsidiary company of PT. PACHIRA DISTRINUSA, established in Januari 2011. This company was founded by very experienced professionals of food ingredients business and positioned as a global food ingredients supplying company.

We are different from others, because we can fully support our customers for not only with compotitive ingredients, but we come to customers with knowledge, technology and know-how to make customer’s products lower in Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) and batter quality.

Please countact LISSOM, we will share with you how to do it. In syaa Allah (if GOD wills), we can fully assist you under fruitfull businnes cooperation, and being us as your strategic partner for the future.


LISSOM has network of marketing in 9 provinces with professional sales executive who care what customers need and want, and promptly responds customers inquiry. All sales executive will make product presentation with promotion tools being rich of knowledge and solution. We care of customers before the others do it so.


We are customer’s stook keeper, hence customers will not be doubt on availability of goods, and customers can easily manage their inventory in LISSOM is managed by computerized system.


All products sold by LISSOM should pass application test according to its funcation, its benefit and its advantage as well. Almost all food applications can be tried in our laboratory, hence we can make food product prototype as per customer request and be shown off to customers.

We can assist customers to develop some new products in our laboratory, such as RTD soft drink, powder drink, candy, dairy, product, RTD coffee and tea  drink, RTD cappuccino, meat ball, fresh noodle, instant noodle, nugget, sausage, chili sauce, tomato sauce, soya souce, biscuit, bread, danut, cake, chocolate product, jam marmalade, peanut butter, crackers, wafer, snack, etc. All those can be prepared and presented in time completed with formulation and production flowchart with free of charge.


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